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Aldila Sutjiadi vs Usue Maitane Arconada in the first round WTA Charleston, Atlanta, July 27 2021 - After driving more than 500km, Aldila Sutjiadi with her parents, arrived in Charleston. They went from Atlanta in the Sunday (July 25 2021) at the time, after appearing in the UTR (Universal Tennis Rating-red) PRO 25K Atlanta Final.

LTP Women's Open - WTA Charleston
"Just arrive in Charleston, in the Hamptons Hotel Inn by Hilton on Daniel Island." Said Indriatno Sutjiadi, Adila's father, to

Dila, as known as Aldila Sutjiadi, has scheduled will be participate on the WTA (Women's Tennis Association-red) Charleston 125K tournament which be play start July 26 until August 1 2021.

In the first round women single tournament "LTP Women's Open," Dila will defeat the 8th rank tennis player from United States, Usue Maitane Arconada.

The tnnis player from Uncle Sam's country has 22 years old, she is on the 179 WTA singles rank and 200 WTA doubles rank. While Dila this time is on the 374 WTA singles rank and 145 WTA doubles rank.

Except play in singles, Dila also will play in doubles and partnering with New Zealand tennis player, Erin Routliffe.

Dila/Erin which on the 125.000 USD total prize or maybe 1,8 billion is taking place in the first seeds, next to the Quarterfinal round because in the first round got bye.

Next in the 8th round, Dila/Erin will defeat partner from another country, Han Na-Lae from South Korea and Peangtarn Plipuech from Thailand. That Asian doubles partner next to the Quarterfinal round, after in the first round got bye too.

"WTA 125K CHARLESTON-SC, Aldila/Erin doubles seeds 1, Doubles draw has 6 bye slots, Singles, Aldila vs seed-8." Said Indriatno Sutjiadi.

Certainly we all don't forget, on the May 2021 ago, Aldila Sutjiadi/Erin Routliffe have got the winner in the ITF (Internation Tennis Federation) W100K Bonita Springs, United States. We all hope they can back to get the winner in the WTA Charleston tournament like they had gotton in the ITF Bonita Springs ago.