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Aldila Sutjiadi Must Be Satisfied Being Runner-Up in Atlanta, Atlanta, July 26 2021 - One of the retainers 2020 Fed Cup squad, Aldila Sutjiadi, had to settle for being the runner-up in the UTR (Universal Tennis Rating -ed) PRO 25K Atlanta tournament which took in Atlanta, United States. 

Kalah dari Marcela Zacarias,
Aldila Sutjiadi Harus Puas Jadi Runner-Up di UTR PRO Atlanta
The beautiful girl who was born in Jakarta 26 years ago, up to the second podium after she was defeated by Mexican tennis player, Marcela Zacarias, in the final match which was held on Sunday (25 July 2021) evening (Indonesia lokal time). 

Dila, as Aldila Sutjiadi, lost to Marcela through a duel lasted two sets. Dila lost with the score 0-6, 2-6. 

"Aldila as Runner-Up. Thank you to all for your attention and support." wrote Indriatno Sutjiadi, Dila's father in a press statement received by (25/7) 

After this, Dila did not immediately return to her homeland. The member of the East Java PON (National Sports Week) team is still continuing her tour in the country of Joe Biden. Dila, accompanied by her parents, immediately went to Charleston to take part in the WTA (Women's Tennis Association -ed) Charleston 125K tournament. 

"This afternoon we went straight to Charleston for WTA 125K starting Monday. The road trip is about 525km (5 hours more)." continued Indriatno. 

In the WTA Charleston 125K tournament which scheduled is taking place from July 26, 2021 - August 1, 2021, Dila will compete in two numbers at once, singles and doubles. In the doubles, Dila appeared in pairs with New Zealand tennis player, Erin Routliffe. 

As a reminder, the duo Aldila Sutjiadi/Erin Routliffe in May 2021 won the ITF (International Tennis Federation) W100K Bonita Springs tournament, United States. 

Dila/Erin have a great chance to repeat the success like at Bonita Springs, because in Charleston they will be the first seeds.