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Defeating Fourth Seeds, Beatrice Gumulya / Shalimar Talbi Road to the WTA Blegrade Semifinals, Belgrade, July 30 2021 - Indonesian tennis player, Beatrice Gumulya, defeated tennis player from Belarus, Shalimar Talbi, has shown good result in the next of WTA 125 (Women's Tennis Association -red) Tenis Tournament Belgrade which take in Beograd City, Serbia. Pair from another country is success next to the Semifinals.

Beatrice Gumulya - Shalimar Talbi 
Beatrice Gumulya/Shalimar Talbi road to Quarterfinals, after getting big surprise to defeat the fourth seeds, Camilla Rosatello from Italy and Estelle Cascino from France.

Played on the Thursday (July 29 2021) in the evening (Indonesia lokal time), Beatrice Gumulya/Shalimar Talbi threw pairs from the different country with a straight set, 6-3, 6-3.

"Yes in the tournament we were playing one by onea and played with our pace." Said Beatrice Gumulya to (29/7).

Next in the Semifinals round tennis tournament with the title "Belgrade Ladies Open", Beatrice Gumulya/Shalimar Talbi will defeat Rusian pairs, Ekaterina Yashina/Alena Fomina, which in the Quarterfinals made a big surprise after beating the highest seeds, Oksana Kalashnikova from Georgia and Natela Dzalamidze from Rusia.

Ekaterina Yashina/Alena Fomina defeated Oksana Kalashnikova/Natela Dzalamidze with the battle victory in the straight set, 6-2, 6-1.

Before playing in the Quarterfinals, Beatrice Gumulya/Shalimar Talbi reach the victory from civil war defeat Jessy Rompies from Indonesia and Elena Bogdan from Romania. Beatrice Gumulya/Shalimar Talbi obviate Jessy Rompies/Elena Bogdan with rubber sets, of the last score is 6-1, 3-6, 10-4.