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  Am7                        G2/B        C2  Em7  
        You’ve opened up, my eyes to see You Lord

  Am7                             G2/B   C2       Em7  
       You’ve turned my life around, in righteousness,
  Am7           G2/B                   C2              Em7          C2   G2    
    There is nothing more precious than to be Your presence and to-
  Am7                Dsus          
see You be my side.
    G2      D2/F#     Em7         G/D C2    G2/B                   
        This is my life i surrender before Your throne,
  Am7 C2/E D2/F#  G2           D2/F#     Em7         G/D     
                                       i bend my knees I surrender,
    C2  G2/B    Am7     D11      G2   D2/F#    
          To worship You, i lift my voice -
   Em7             G/D              C2           G2/B  
        to sing Your praises, be magnified and be -
   Am7    D11    G2   
 Glorified today.