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Em7                          C2                              G2   
Look at the word we live today, look at the heart -
teach us to live in  righteousness, teach us to love -
D/F#                    Em7                         C2    
ing every where, Let us see mercy and Your grace, -
in one accord, Guide us to live life everyday, -
G2                   D2                               Em7 
over flowed in every place, let us be one  -
as we worship in Your court, let us declare -
C2                                G2                 D/F#       
With You today, and letYour glory fall -
Your majesty,
C2                   G2                               D/F#       
We  will shine, shine like stars  above, -
           C2                                            G2                 
Shining in Your light, guided by Your Love, -
D/F#                    G2                                  D/F#    
let Your fire burn in us, burning like the sun, -
          C2                               G2         
as we gloryfy, show Your Kingdoom come
     in all the earth.