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      F                                                                     Dm  
verse1:  I lay my life down at Your feet,       You’re the on-ly     One i need,
verse2:   You are always,   always there,           every how and everywhere,

     C                                                                                          Bb   
            I turn to You and You   -  are al  -  ways  there,
   Your grace abounds so deep-ly  with  -  in       me,
     F                                                                       Dm  
         in trouble time, it’s You      i  seek,              i put You first that’s
        You will never   ever          change,                   yesterday, to -
    all    i need,               i humble all    i am,                 all       to      You, 
   day the same,         forever ‘til forever                meets   no     end,
    Bb                                                      F                           C
                                             Reff.         One way,              Jesus,
  Dm                                             Bb                          F                          C
   You’re The Only One that  i could live for,           One way,             Jesus,
  Dm                                             D#                        Dm                     Bb 
   You’re The Only One that  i could live for, 
  Dm                          Bb  back to verse 2

chorus :   
    F                                              C                                           
   You are The Way, The Truth, and  The Life, we live       
   Dm                                   Bb                                              Dm                            
         by    faith and not   -   by    sight,    for     You,                 we’re li -    
    C                                          Bb 
       ving     all      for                 You.  back to reff.