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Em      D/F#   G             Em   D        C
I’m so secure, You’re here with me
Em       D/F#       G              C   D/C     C Am7
You stay the same, Your love remains
D/F#                    G
Here in my heart

You gave Your life in Your endless love
You set me free and show the way
and now I am found

            Em7          Am7
So close, I believe
              D                     G                          Em
You’re holding me now in your hands
            Am7       D                       G (A)
I belong, You’ll never let me go

Cmaj7          G/B
All along you were beside me
B7sus4     B7/D#              Em D
Even when I couldn’t tell
Cmaj7                          G/B
Through the years You show me
                   Fmaj7                 C/D
more of You,  more of You