God Is Good 
Verse 1
G2        C2       D2       C2
Ive been up to the mountain
G2        C2                 D2  C2
Ive been down in the valleys too 
G2      C2           D2     C2
Sung my songs in the desert
G2       C2              D2 C2
Now Im  singing out to  You 
EM7                    C2
I cant go by what Im feeling
EM7                                   C2
I cant live on what Im  seeing
EM7                                                C2
So Ill use my faith and start  believing
            D2        C2
His word is true, so  true
G2  C2 D2    C2      G2-C2-D2-C2
God is good, all the time 
G2  C2   D2    C2       G2 C2-D2-C2
All the  time, my God is good.
G2  C2   D2    C2       G2 C2-D2-C2
God is good, all the time 
G2  C2   D2    C2         G2 C2-D2-C2
All the  time, my God is  good  
Verse 2
G2          C2             D2     C2               
Weve been  in the land of plenty 
G2         C2               D2    C2
We've been in those famines too 
G2          C2            D2           C2 
But God is  still sitting on His throne 
G2       C2             D                                   
And Hes watching over  You
EM7                                    C2
You cant go by what your  feeling
Em7                         C2
You cant live on what your seeing
Em7                            C2
So use your faith and start believing
            D2         C2
His word is true, over you
End Tag
(Cut loose at the end of the song declaring)
G2                       C2               D2       C2
Hes a good God , Hes a good God, Hes a good God all 
the time! X3

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